Loïc Magnien Street Photography Hitchhiking South America

Hitchhiking South America

In 2013 I hitchhiked the Andes with my backpack. I have landed in Ushuaïa (Argentina) and I hitchhiked around 9000+ km to Lima (Peru).

I have been to both Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia. Speechless. I met beautiful people, openhearted and peaceful. Everything went smoothly, I felt in love with Argentina. Entirely.

They say : “Argentina : La cabeza en el trópico, los pies en la antártica”. True. I would love to add “El corazón gran abierto”. I then traveled to Bolivia and Peru where I completely downgraded my lifestyle. Many thanks.

I brought back some pictures to share the places I have been and the faces I have seen. At this time I was shooting with a Canon EOS 500D.