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In a nutshell

My name is Loïc. I was born in 1989 in Montpellier, France.

I am a self-taught photographer and restless traveller. I have been practicing photography for the past decade. I am currently based in London and mainly shoot Street Photography.

Family camera

My relationship with photography started in 2003 when my parents bought a digital camera, solely intended to take photos of the family. I secretly took it out of the household and used it to document my teenager life, photographing my school mates, basketball games, days out.

My first compact camera

In 2005, I spent my pocket money on a camera phone so I could have a camera with me at all times. I used it to document my high school years as well as more intimate moments. Two years later I bought my own compact digital camera to document my first trips out of France, the various music bands I was playing in, and to take a lot of portraits of my friends.

My first DSLR

My parents noticed my growing interest for photography and offered me my first DSLR for my 20th birthday. That was my first camera with interchangeable lens and manual mode, a real game changer. I also upgraded my phone camera to an iPhone, another game changer. I remember taking portraits of friends pretending it was to use as their contact profile picture. They would gladly give me their best smile.

‘Au Revoir’ France

In 2013, I made my first trip out of Europe by hitchhiking South America over 7,500+ km. I spent most of my time in the wild experiencing with landscape photography as well as portraiture while meeting new people on the road. Something clicked and I decided to say ‘Au Revoir’ to France and moved to London to work as a Data Engineer.

Travel & Street Photography

Since then I dedicate all my time off to travel photography through numerous long distance trips. Among them a 4,500+ km road trip in California, the 9,500+ km Transiberian railway from St-Petersburg to Beijing via Mongolia, a road trip of Taiwan and the Penghu Archipelago, a 2,000+ km bus trip through Costa Rica and Panama and a road trip in Iceland. I alternate these long distance trips with city escapes during which I shoot street photography.

Open source information

When I am not on-the-go, I contribute to open source photography through my website that I opened in 2014. My purpose is to spread and promote the love of street photography via educational posts. I am clearly aware I am not a master of street photography as my body of work is not defined yet. However I have the passion and drive to share the things I learn along the way.



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