More gear

I have owned many cameras, from simple point and shoot to full frame DSLR with loads of lenses with focal lengths from 8 to 300mm. I have been through all the iterations of the iPhone. I built a strong technical knowledge about photography through the acquisition of all these gear.

Less gear

I have been diagnosed with G.A.S. (gear Acquisition Syndrome), I realised cameras were more similar than dissimilar and decided to minimize the amount of gear I own. I now solely shoot on Fujifilm X100F and Google Pixel 2 and vastly simplified my edition workflow. I also promote a simpler approach to photography on my blog.


This is the list of gear I have owned through the years:

2003 – Canon Powershot A60
2005 – Samsung SGH-E780 camera phone
2007 – Samsung Digimax S600
2008 – 35mm Canon EOS 650 + 28-70mm
2009 – Canon EOS 500D + 18-55mm + 18mm
2009 – iPhone 3GS
2010 – iPhone 4S
2013 – Canon EOS 6D + 24-105mm + 50mm
2013 – iPhone 5S + Speedlight flash for the DSLR
2014 – 35mm Canon A-1 + 50mm
2015 – 16-35mm + 70-300mm + 8mm
2016 – iPhone 6S
2017 – Fujifilm X100F
2018 – Google Pixel 2





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