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Document your own life

The importance of family

Having a family is a chance we need to be aware of. Having your mother, father, brother, grand father, all of them together, alive and together is pretty rare. Being aware of it makes you realise that your own family is a pretty good subject for your photography, after all, there is nothing more personal.

Get a point and shoot

When it comes to shooting your family you need to be even less intrusive than when shooting street photography, you need to make your photo shooting part of the natural flow of your relationship. Getting a small compact camera will help you reduce the barrier between you and them.

Speak to them

Having a conversation is the best way to forget about the camera. Just do your random things, discuss diner, what your haunt did recently, how is grand mother gardening going, etc. The more random the conversation the more genuine the photograph.

Shoot the details

We grow up with our family around us and all the wonderful details are being absorbed as part of our history as well. I tend to photograph the details because I know I’ll forget most of them or most people won’t even notice. Everybody comes with different attention to details. By photographing them you’ll make sure they notice when they see the pictures. My father’s hands are one of these details to me.

Print your family pictures

The most important, family pictures are always a sentimental thing somehow, as you or your peers appear on the photograph. If you want to make the most out of your family pictures, print them. Print one of each for each member of the family, you got 10 pictures to share, you are 5 of you, well just print 50 photographs… this will probably cost you less than £10 at the local photo printer.

Don’t forget the cat

Everybody loves this stupid little thing ! Also, don’t count it in when you print your pictures.