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PhotoLinker : A replacement for Lightroom Map Module

If you are like me and like to organise your photos, chances are you like to geotag them so you can share them on map to your friends. You can check this post on the way I used to geotag my photos … but that’s was the good old days.

Bye Bye Lightroom 5 Map Module

Adobe decided to stop supporting the Map Module… Forcing you to buy into their new versions Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC… Forcing you to pay monthly instead of a one-off payment ! That’s pure scam and I hate it, yes it helps the firm to have a monthly income that should benefit the customer with constant updates and bug fixes as well as R&D for new features…. but that’s just not the case. Geotagging photos was easy with lightroom, the good thing was it was all-in-one software solution to edit and organise the photos… so what’s the workaround now ?

Loic Magnien Adobe Lightroom Map Module Not working Not supported solution


The best replacement for Lightroom Map module is currently Photolinker. I discovered this software this week and it is amazing ! It covers all the basic features of the Lightroom 6 Map module (RIP) and much more. I tested it on previous trips datasets ( 2000+ photos and 5+ track log) and it works perfectly. The good is that you can download a full 30-days trial to test the features and the price is a one-off £19.99. Thank you.


I mostly use it for the automated geotag with timestamped photos and timestamp track log. For that purpose :

  1. Drag and drop all the photos you want to geotag (if they contain GPS coordinates you can even delete them)
  2. Load a .GPX or any other format of Track log file and synchronise the coordinates of he track log file with the timestamps of the photos
  3. If your camera settings or GPS tracking device were not in the same time-zone you can shift all the timestamps or even individual timestamps
  4. If your photos have no timestamp you can place them with drag and drop on the map very easily
  5. The software interface is really good, left panel with your photo library and right panel with the map, track files, etc.
  6. Once you are happy with the GPS coordinates applied to the photos PhotoLinker will insert the GPS coordinates into the EXIF of the photos file !

Loic Magnien Adobe Lightroom Map Module Not working Not supported Photolinker solution

It is Really Really good ! Check the results once uploaded to Google maps :

More features

  • Manual drag and drop of the photos on the map to geotag them just like in Lightroom
  • Reverse geocoding ! If you have the coordinates then the reverse geocode is the city name.
  • Add the direction of the photo with compass direction of your shot (a step further OCD)
  • You can export geotagged resized images
  • Slide show with the pictures on one side and the map on the other
  • 100 of fields available to be edited in the EXIF (running Exif tool under the hood)
  • Date shifting for both camera and track log (useful if you change timezone or your camera time was not set correctly)

Side note

I am a geomatic data engineer myself and I can tell there has been a lot of work put into this software. All the files formats that had to be parsed, all the features that are coded, the user interface, menus, etc. I am going to be honest, that’s a really good job and the price is ridiculous for what this software delivers and the amount of work that has been put into PhotoLinker ! This software is basically made by OCD people for OCD people :).