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Road Trip in Taiwan

In October 2016 we landed in Taïwan for a week of road trip and a week in Penghu archipelago. We first crashed at John & Wi‘s in Taichung for the Jazz festival and a bit of sleep after the 20 hours flight journey.

First week we hit the road all together for an epic road trip coast to coast including: Changhua, Lukang, Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing Mountain to catch an amazing early morning sunrise at Palumoanshe (+3300m).

A road trip without problems isn’t a roadtrip! So we enjoyed an (un)fortunate nine-hours-drive-deviation accros the mountain through rain and fog and massive landslides to get to Hualien as the road via Taroko was closed due to Typhoon Megi. Once on the East side of Taiwan we enjoyed some rest in Hualien with a view on the pacific ocean.

We then hit the road north to eventually get into the East side of Taroko, Juifang night market and Taipei for the weekend including double ten national day and finally headed back to Taichung where we did a photo shooting for their amazingly good French cuisine restaurant: Délys & Sens 得梨思法式料理.

Second week we got on a plane to Penghu Archipelago where we rented a car and got all over the place. We enjoyed sea food, visited temples, got amazed by coral, chilled on the beach.

Finally it was time to thank John and Wi as well as their crew and family for all the experiences, culture, tips and tricks they have shared with us to turn this journey into unforgettable memories.