Loïc Magnien Street Photography Shoot for Yourself

Shoot for Yourself

Life Lessons

Photography can teach you so many lessons worth applying to your life. You life can teach you lessons worth applying to your photography. Leaving in London taught me to accept other lifestyles. In big cities you meet a lot of people with very different backgrounds and different aspirations in life, the worst you could do is to try to impose yours. The best you can do is get the most out of everyone, every situation and everything.

Your environment makes you

Before deciding to live in London I was mostly shooting landscapes and portrait photography. I kept on doing so during the first months and then got inspired by the architecture and street life that the city has to offer. I was discovering new public settings, new human fellows ways of life. Ultimately I got inspired and started to take pictures of the usual scenery that happens in this jungle.

Get out of it

Street photography became the simplest way to describe my photography and eventually get peers approval on my style. After years of practice I discovered that it doesn’t matter what you shoot, what matter is what shooting makes you feel. It doesn’t matter the others. The most important is for yourself to get pushed out of your so-called comfort zone. Once you are out of your zone of comfort you are able to shoot for your real self.

Share your experience

I am convinced that providing knowledge for free is key for other people to learn from themselves. By starting your own blog you can put out there your thoughts and inspire other people. I am not considering myself as a Master, but what’s sure is that I am dedicated to my craft. I have a deep passion for the thing I do and feel the necessity to share and empower others through documenting it.


You can learn by practicing and you can learn by reading and educating yourself. The number one advice is to not take anything you learn as the truth but just a point of view. Don’t throw away ideas that don’t fit yourself at the moment you face them, see them with a fresh eye. If you don’t resonate with them, let them marinate, bookmark them, post it them, come back to them later.

Shoot for your full self

Your number one goal is to shoot for yourself. So I hope you will find inspiration in the blog and start your journey to discover your full self.