Loïc Magnien Street Photography Shoot Plenty More

Shoot Plenty More

Don’t think you got it yet.

Sometimes you’ll just walk the street and see an amazing scene and start shooting. How to know when you have the good photo ? With experience you know it as you click it but that won’t happen tomorrow if you barely use your camera. When I started I went for photowalks in the streets, witnessed interesting characters and start shooting a couple of photos then I discretely put my camera away and keep on walking fearing I was getting spotted and that people would give me a hard time. When I got home and looked at the photos I was disappointed, I had very few shots and none of them would make the cut.

Shoot plenty.

From these failures I told myself I needed to focus more on the precise moment I clicked the shot. I use rangefinder camera and it’s easy to setup my camera for the scene with the proper aperture and speed so I can anticipate the precise moment when to hit the shutter. Even though you anticipate you can always be a little early or a little late. That was not about preparing my camera the best way and anticipating, there was something more to it.

Shoot more.

I started to shoot plenty of photos of the same scene, eventually using the burst mode to make sure I wouldn’t miss the perfect moment. One day I spotted that French lady in the streets of Shoreditch. I shot probably 10 frames and though I had the good one. Come on! 10 photographs, I should definitely have a keeper. I did not.

Shoot plenty more.

I guess I had to shoot more but my chance had gone. The lady moved on. I eventually met with her again few minutes and few streets away, the light was good, I shot 10 more frames that time and decided to ask her to pose for me for 10 more shots. I didn’t really care about the mount of photos I could take. At some point she looked surprise of the amount of photos I was taking. I eventually got it. From now on I would set this as a rule, I had to shoot 100% more than what I though was enough.