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Switching to Compact Camera

I have done it, I switched from DSLR to a compact camera. There is my story:

I have always been a DSLR shooter, from film to digital. I started with a Canon EOS 650 film camera, I dived into digital photography with an affordable  Canon EOS 550D which I upgraded to a Canon EOS 6D for the full frame feature and to make proper use of the depth of field capabilities of my lenses.

When I started photography without any knowledge I found shelter in gear acquisition. This is an important step in the learning curve. I bought many lenses, experienced a lot from wide angles, wide apertures, telephoto zoom, fisheyes, etc. I spent numerous hours on forums, looking for the perfect gear, comparing sharpness, bokeh, etc. Eventually I learnt so many things about optic formulation of lenses and raw data processing.

If you can afford to buy gear and spend tremendous amount of time online, I totally recommend going this way. I personally ended up with the following as my ‘final’ setup:

Focal Length Aperture Brand Type Category
8 mm F/3.5 Peleng Prime Fisheye
15 mm F/2.8 Canon Prime Fisheye
50 mm F/1.4 Canon Prime Normal
16-35 mm F/4.0 Canon Zoom Wide Angle
24-105 mm F/4.0 Canon Zoom Normal
70-300 mm F/4.5-5.6 Canon Zoom Tele

At that point I realised I had G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) thanks to Eric Kim and that this was a super hard disease to cure! I decided I was done with gear acquisition and that I had no excuses like “I can’t take good pictures because of my camera not being the top notch that would make me a better photographer”.

I got my gear out, always bringing my camera with me anywhere I was going, I noticed I was mostly staying with the one lens I left my flat with. Also, I travel a lot, that’s my thing, and carrying this amount of gear everywhere I go wouldn’t be a suitable long term solution.

Since 2016 I am in the process of minimising my life style. I cleaned my place for superfluous possessions I wasn’t using, I gave away clothing I wasn’t wearing, I stoped buying things I don’t need, I now apply the Toyota 5S methodology and other methods well described by Leo Babauta. So it became a natural step for me to switch from DSLR to compact camera.

I have been watching at the compact camera market since then and waited for the wise moment to find a camera in the sweet spot in terms of design, aesthetics, features and specifications. It arrived in 2017 in the shape of the Fujifilm X100F and it changed everything:

  • DSLR to Mirrorless
  • Interchangeable lens to fixed 35mm lens
  • Focal plane shutter to Leaf shutter
  • Full Frame to APS-C CMOS sensor

The Icelandic road trip was the first time I used only the Fujifilm X100F and this has been a total shift for me. I totally enjoyed the experience: I was traveling with a camera that could fit my jacket pocket and that wasn’t a burden anymore. I have found a tool with most of the advantages of the DSLR without the drawbacks. I was focused on the essential: the experience.

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