Fujifilm X100F Weatherproof Hack

We all know it, there is no weatherproof camera even though some are more protected than other against water. One drawback of the Fujifilm X100F is that it totally lacks any kind of weatherproofing. This might be due to the construction of the Fujinon 23mm lens with the leaf shutter and ND filter.

You can already protect it from dust quite well with an UV filter. You’ll need to buy the 49mm adapter that usually comes with a hood and this is precisely all you need, with the addition of a ziplock bag to provide your camera with rain protection.

  1. Set your camera in LCD view only.
  2. Insert your camera in the ziplock bag and lock the hood over the plastic bag, just like this:That is an important step, you want the white space reserved for labelling your bag to be on the lens as if it was on the other side, it would obstruct your LCD screen and you don’t want this as you’ll be forced to shoot via LCD only mode.
  3. Cut the plastic bag to the extent of the inner radius of the hood:
  4. Go out and shoot in LCD view only

There you go! Ready to shoot in the horizontal rain or under the snow like there is Iceland:

Note that this works for most cameras but is super efficient with the X100F as all the main features are accessed by physical dials and switches.